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API Connector shared parameters - How to use them

Hi everyone!
I am pretty new at and I am trying to connect Shopify to my app using API Connector plugin. The thing is that there are three parameters that will repeat on almost any call, so I meant to use the Shared parameters for all calls. I created the three URL-parameters, but then I don’t know how to reference them in the calls. If I use the suggested notation [parameter], a new parameter will be created in the call and if I don’t give a value to it (in the call), an empty string will be used (in other words, [parameter] is only referencing call’s parameters, not shared ones.)

Do you know how to use the shared parameters in the API-calls? Is it possible to use them as URL-Parameters?
Thanks in advance!!

You don’t need to do anything. They will be added automatically by Bubble to all API Call.

No, they won’t. Maybe this happens with the parameters, but not with the URL-parameters.

You can dynamically include any number of URL query string parameters using just one (or more) URL “parameters” in the API Connector. See the following posts…

Of course, you’d want to make sure that any “sensitive” data was being handled appropriately.



Did you ever get a resolution for this? I’m finding that shared parameters are not being sent under any circumstances…

I wonder the same thing. I thought I could use it to alias the hostname. I couldn’t find anything in the docs nor in internets. Can someone from bubble shed some light please?