API connector - Oauth2 user agent - Error parsing data


im wondering few days how to set authentication to AzureAD with MSGraph and then read some data from Sharepoint list.

Now im stucked at “API Connector error: the Oauth2 myAPI API is not configured properly - Error parsing data” which a recieve, when MS redirect me back to bubble.
I really dont know how to check whats comming back to bubble.io after MS login because token is redirected to https://myapp.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/oauth_redirect.

Please help me, this kind of api connection could be very powerful!

Here is my setting:

Thank you.

I think your issue is related to the user endpoint. Check documentation to find the correct endpoint
Also, be sure that API use id and email and you have the correct scopes

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Thanks, but with user endpoint ending “/v1.0/me im recieving” im geting API Connector error: the Oauth2 myAPI API is not configured properly - Recieved error from api"¨.

BUT in both cases, if i check “Token is returned as querystring” i recieved this:
(token is here)
So it looks, that bubble.io just have problem to handle response… but it should be chacked with somebody from dev team… i have short hands here

okay, i made some edits which could lead to good result, but still nothing :frowning:

AzureAPI permission is setted correctly, bubble.io setting is same like other users who wrote, that it works… i dont know

Do you know guys how to reveal full error message, which bubble recieving?


I tested it on postman and had no problem. So Azure settings are okay.

Dear stoklasa.michal666

Did you solve this problem??
I met the same problem in Google Cloud Platform.


im still stucked. Pay monthly bubble plan doesnt help. Still recieving error from api…

Could anyone help please?


Did you manage to solve this? I’ve got the same issue with Xero