Using Bubble's API Connector with Azure DevOps OAuth?

I’ve been trying to connect to Azure DevOps’s OAuth APIs, but failing.
Could one of you kind souls help me figure this out?

I’ve connected to APIs using OAuth before, but it’s trial&error. I’m not properly educated on OAuth. So, I’ve done my best to look around the forums and plugins for how others have done it. The closest I’ve found was @Kfawcett’s Microsoft Graph plugin.

I get as far as:

  • having Bubble send me to the Azure DevOps’s authorize screen,
  • I give it permission,
  • and when it sends me back to Bubble it fails.

I have a hard time troubleshooting the issue. But if I were to guess what I’m doing wrong has to do with:

  • user profile endpoint
  • User ID key path
  • User email key path

Here’s my latest configuration. Still not working :disappointed:

Rummaging around Microsoft’s documentation, I’m guessing that the answer to those questions are around this page: Users - Get / Service - Graph.

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