API connector - Parameters with lists/arrays

I am having a problem recording the following in the API connector:

I have the following parameters in bubble in API connector plugin:

I do not know how to record the following in the parameters:

Please assist, I am new to coding, Json or even Bubble.

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Eft is not a list/array. This is an object.
You can always try to add eft and in value put: {“provider”:“ozow”}
However, Bubble will probably escape this part and some API will not parse this object correctly.
You should instead, delete all your parameters, and put the body json

	"amount": <amount>,
	"currency": "<currency>",
	"email": "<email>",
	"eft": {
		"provider": "<eft_provider>"

Also, add header Content-type: application/json

Thank you very much, it works. Much appreciated.

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