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API Connector - Sending an array as parameter

Hey fellow Bubblers!

I’m running into a strange error when I try to send an array as a parameter on an API call using the API Connector.

So I am using the API connector to call one of the app’s workflows (yes I am doing that for a reason), these are the parameters that that workflow is expecting :

On the API connector, I have this:

The field “Context” is the one giving me issues. When I run this request I get the following error:

But for me it looks like the array is well formatted! I’ve tried to use the “automatic detection” of input parameters on the API workflow and it works that way but I really need a workaround as using that option forces me to rebuild the whole logic on this workflow (and it’s a lot).

Someone had this issue before and is able to help ?

Happy Bubbling!

In my experience, the API connector doesn’t work very well with arrays of strings and creates errors. Better change the format of the array to include multiple objects, e.g.

"context": [
"title": "abc"
"title": "def"

Reinitialise and then this should do the job

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Try changing the Body Type to JSON.