API Connector: referralCode as parameter (JSON body)

I’m connecting to a 3rd party API.

This API (member registration) accept JSON request and it has referralCode as one of the parameters.

  • referralCode is optional

If I make referralCode value as static (refer image below) there’s no problem:

But if I make it as dynamic like this:
referralCode dynamic value

Bubble gives me this error:

A 404 usually means that the URL you’re using is wrong - or has some spaces in it

I’d double-check the URL and the type of call (GET/POST)

Everything is working fine if
"referralCode": ""

but if I set it like this
"referralCode": "<referralCode>"

the 404 is being returned. Take note only the static and dynamic value is being changed nothing else.

That might have something to do with the referral code not being valid? Might make sense to ask for API support from the service you’re using or check their docs.

Actually the API works well on PostMan.
Just weird that bubble returns error whenever we define it to have a dynamic value.

It’s probably something on the setup then
Is it the right content type etc?