API Dynamic Request

Hi to all!
Short question.

I need to do the following request:

GET /vacancies/{vacancy_id}
where vacancy_id is a dynamic value.

What this request looks like in Bubble. Especially my wrong request (API connector returns eror):

Will appreciate if you could show where I am mistaken. Thanks

Change the value of id parameter for something possible

Something went wrong with API connector, now it seems to be broken at all. 5 minutes ago it worked

What did you change? What is the full error message/log?

There is no changes, just blank popup
Set up a new api connection, result is the same

Is it possible that API connector broken ot it is an eror on the side of API provider?

If you can share the full message error this will be easier to tell you. Check the log too. If you was able to initialize the call, I thin its may be how you have set your call parameters

Call papameters are correct, it is already worked.
Debugger shows this

And in logs? (debugger report sometimes a cleansed message. Better to have the browser console log or the App Logs).
If you have an error on your api call, you will see it there.
If there’s nothing more, I think you should submit a ticket.

API came to life. I would assume that it was certain issues with connector (now everything is fine).
Could you please suggest how to change id dynamically (I have about 500 id’s, all of them have different description).

Successfull request looks like:

Tried this one, but it not worked

When I use this settings, everisting is working well.

The response is also correct:

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Sorry, I did not described the question properly :slight_smile:
I did not get a successfull result (previous printscreen is from external service API Documentation - like "What successfull request looks like))

I am still trying to handle the dynamic settings of Parameter and Value
My current request looks like the following (although it is wrong):

In the previous post, you initialize the call no? Did you save?
This is the first thing todo. Use the same call , set 33100811 in value parameter than initialize call. Save
Now in your workflow or data source (because you have select this call to be a data one, and if this is a get, this should be good), Use HH Agencies - API Call (you should rename this) and after selecting this, click and you should be able to set the parameter Vacancy_id dynamically

Jici, hi!
Thank you)