API Connector, SheetDB & Google Sheets

I am trying to use the POST function with the API Connector and I have been able to get them connected as instructed by SheetsDB, however it is only importing 2 of 31 lines of data when I validate. Is it possible that I am not setting it up correctly, or is there something I am missing?

Can you explain your problem more?
Which API you are calling? what tutorial you are following?

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Hi Ankur! Thanks for asking. I am using SheetsDB and I am using the POST option as I am needing form data to write to Google Sheets. I followed the tutorial that SheetsDB put out. Connect your Bubble-made web app to Google Sheets to fetch & manipulate data (NO CODE) - YouTube
Here are some screenshots of what I am seeing. Please feel free to ask more questions, but I am not entirely sure to all the information you are requesting.

Forgot to add this one as well


Can you change sheet header “full name” to “fullname” without any space in between? And then try

ankur1 That worked! But now it is saying that there is an error in submitting the form because of a field that is mandatory.
I have set this to Allow for blanks as seen here:

And the check box for “This input should not be empty” isn’t checked


Nevermind, I fixed it. Forgot to set optional to checked in the correct spaces. All good now