API Connector to Propreports

Good morning everyone,

I swear I will buy this product if I can make this work for my firm, because it will be the best thing ever, but our data sql uses https://propreports.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PR/pages/589971/API?preview=/589971/66393414/apiclient.zip

The following to connect it to any apps, and I was wondering what I am missing in my API connector. I get errors 404.

I don’t really know much about it, and would really appreciate the help.

I think you have a few problems happening here but the first is your url. I can see it looks like from the documentation there is a period at the end but that is a sentence full stop and not part of the url. Further when it says “action” I’m fairly certain that needs to end up on the end of your URL. So the login action would be something like “api.php/login” (the documentation isn’t the best).

Thank you so much bubble.trouble I corrected what you said and instead of having a 404 error, I am getting the 500 error, which Prop report does mention in their litterature, which means at least, I am one step closer thanks to you. I will try to figure out, but it seems to have something to do with " parameters encoded as multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded ."

Which I am unsure how to implement in Bubbles

The API call returns a non-object and you picked JSON. Please check. is the error I am getting, but I am getting through to this thing!