API Connector to Stripe Slash Issue

API ConnectorPlugin by Bubble. Posting in case someone else needs this answer.

Connecting this plugin to Stripe through a GET call, I used the parameters option.

endpoint /v1/customers/[cus_xxxxxxx]

Initializing the call, kept producing an error, asking me to remove the slash at the end. I’d remove the slash, and the call produced an error, because the call looked something like this:


Initialize the call with an actual cus_xxxxxxx filled in, then delete it and leave the field blank. It needed the field to have a value in order to initialize.

It was nothing to do with the slash.

Initialising an API call is essentially sending a test request to an API, so Bubble can see what a normal API response looks like. Stripe will only do this with a correct customer ID, because, without it, how would they be able to return any useful information? Hope that helps.