I need some help with the stripe API in the bubble connector

Hello Bubblers,

I’m facing an issue with the stripe API in the bubble connector, I’m trying to create a new customer in stripe with the bubble connector, when I click on the initialize call button, the user is created in stripe, however, all of the values that I added to the JSON are null

this is my configuration in bubble

I tried the same in postman with less values and it’s working, all of the values are added to the user created.

Down below where each field has a value and checkboxes you would need to check Allow Blank if the field can be empty and check private if it is something that is a constant such as “object” or “default_source”. Then when you initialize or dynamically use the api throughout your app, empty fields will not be created with the data used to initialize in the api connector.

Use dynamic values within <>
For eg:

“Object”: “”,
“Name”: ",

You will find all these parameters with an input box right below the JSON window.
Enter the values and initialize.

Thank you all for the help, I just solved it by enabling the option Queryst, seems like bubble does not support x-www.form-urlencoded

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