API Connector - upload a .p12 client certificate

I’m trying to write a POST request to an external API using a supplied .p12 certificate. When I convert the certificate into a pem and key and use that in the API Connector Auth field, I get a
“Raw error for the API
self signed certificate in certificate chain” error when I try to initialize it. How can I successfully do this? Do I include the certificate chain somehow?

Do you have any api doc?
Not sure you can do that in API connector

No I don’t have a doc. It’s an api call we have working in Postman (because Postman lets you upload a .p12 client certificate), but I’m having a hard time translating it to Bubble.

I don’t think Bubble API Connector can handle this actually and maybe a server side plugin can do that.

Darn. I don’t have access to the server, it’s external. I have a AWS api gateway for this call where I was trying to apply the .p12 certificate, but was hoping for a more straightforward and easy way.

Maybe have a look at make (integromat). I think they can handle this for you.
Without documentation, it’s hard to know if there’s a workaround to use it in API Connector.

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Hi, do you have more details on the API Gateway setup?