Issue to setup curl request using bubble API Connector

Hello everyone,

I would like to integrate my app with one service using their API.
I got curl example from them how to work with their API and it works well using my terminal

curl --data “” -X POST “

But when I try to create this request using bubble API Connector I’m getting Authentication Failure

Could you please help me to understand what I setup wrong using API Connector with this Curl request?


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Try this:

Fill in the details for the new API call:
Call Name: cURL Call
Data Type: XML or JSON (it appears the return is in XML format)
Use as: Data

Select “POST”
In the Body Type, select Form-data
In the parameters section, instead of entering “data” as the key and the other values as the value, enter the individual parameters:

‘Add parameter’
Set the Key as email and the Value as
‘Add parameter’ again
Set the Key as pass and the Value as someStrongPassword

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Hi. Thank you. I tried and working well now :grinning: