API from multipe json url´s

Hi there!

I have a bunch of .json url endpoints from a public API.
As example:

I want to know if I create a database in Bubble and upload those urls to Bubble database, how can I create a API from Bubble to call those multiple url´s ?
A Bubble API call to request those multiple json url´s from a Bubble database.
This is mainly to link to Bubble Search box tool.

I dont wnat to directly call the public API because it is slow, it limits results returns by 500 per request and I need to do some “sum” “maximum” “minimum” operations with json numerical returned objects.


If you intend to capture hundreds of API search results into Bubble things, it is possible, but it will be messy, complex and slow …

Schedule API Workflow on a list, give it the list of things that have your urls.
In the API Workflow, use the API connector call the url from the database.

Saving each list item into a Bubble thing would take nearly 3 seconds per item.

I’d suggest a non-Bubble approach may work better, for example doing all the calls and calculations in javascript or an external server.

Edit 1 - the above method assumes each API call returns the same data structure.
Edit 2 - You could store the result data of the API instead of converting it to individual things, it would be a lot faster, but is harder to do calculations and searches on.

Hi @mishav

Thanks a lot for the support. Any suggestion of online cloud server/services or java code example that could be used to handle those large number of API calls ?

The API I´m specific using is from government, first version…terrible slow, poor relation between objects, a lot of wrong utf enconding and blank values. Its a shame. Hope in the next ten years it gets better :persevere:

I found some interesting tools, I would share if anyone need it.

1)First one a software from WithData Software - https://withdata.com/index.html
It handles JsonTo database convertions. I tested it with a PostgreSQL database and it turned out useful because I can upload those Json files to my database and work with them the way I want and with better perfomance.

  1. Second tool, I just found it today and could not test yet, but it is listed on US goverment data lab, so I hope it works as Mr.Trump needs it to work. https://www.databeam.org/

As my project gets to the end I would share it here


There are so many options here, and it depends on more specifically what you want it to do. For example, do you want it to make the calls and return data straight away? Do you want it to persist the data for searches and summaries to be done at a later time?

Thinking a bit more on it, Javascript on the user’s browser would probably not be suitable, as you’d still be waiting for the slow result that you want to work around.

Good luck in your research!

Has anyone found if there are easier methods for noncoders?