API Integration - Alexa Skill Messaging

I am trying to post a reminder to my Alexa skill from my Bubble App. Somehow it is not working.
Step 1
Get an Access Token = Completed and working
Step 2
Une the access token to call the reminder API to update and existing reminder.

here is the POST Template Example

“requestTime” : “2022-02-28T19:04:00.672”,
“trigger”: {
“offsetInSeconds” : “60”
“alertInfo”: {
“spokenInfo”: {
“content”: [{
“locale”: “en-US”,
“text”: “walk the dog”,
“ssml”: " walk the dog"
“pushNotification” : {
“status” : “ENABLED”

Couple of issues to be addressed.

  1. I am making a call get the token, then I need use the token in the subsequent call
    Authorization header required "Bearer
    I don’t know how to set this.
  2. “ssml”: " walk the dog"
    Somehow the api connector treating as a variable since it contains “<>”.

How do we address this issue.

Appreciate any help in this regard.