Bubble APP Make.com Invalid API free plan

Hello i work on an app, please, can we connect API BUBBLE API from Make (integromat) with free plan ?

Is there an other way to send data to BUBBLE from make?

Thanks for your help

Via the API Connector, sure thing.

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Thanks, i would like to update App Data from Make.

When i set Bubble Make App, i have:

“Invalid API token. See our online Help to read how to get the API token. The details are: [401, ]”

It seems that we can not use it with free Plan. Could you please confirm ?

Same issue here. Would like to know if it’s because of the free plan or if I have made a mistake in the cofiguration. I need to know if it will all be solved once I upgrade :slight_smile:

The API Connector does not have anything to do with the free plan. Your setup seems incorrect. Post screenshots so we can help better.

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Authorization Bearer {token}

Put this inside your header and you should be good to use it.

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