API not working

Dear colleagues,
I already have an app with working API connection (it worked fine for more then 1 month with this settings).

But during last few days this API connection stopped woeking and even I can not initialize the call. When I try to initialize the call - I see this popup

The settings are the following

Whan I try to initialize the call with Postman 0 everything is fine with this settings

Could you help me to understand what has happened to Connector and how to fix this?


Hi @a.v.krikunenko Alex

One of the possible reasons is that your API is corrupted for an unknown reason. Can you try creating another API and see if the result is the same? The other thing is that your provider has change its API and it doesn’t match anymore but your Postman demonstrates that everything is fine. :thinking:

In your Postman settings, I dont see /initialize.

Yes, I tried to create a new connection but iresult staus the same
I tried to open the link (https://api.hh.ru/vacancies) via Firefox and it gives data back normally, but not works in connector

Maybe someone can help my with this issue?
Already talked with API provider, nothing changed on his side - so the problem in Bubble API

That does look like it maybe a Bubble issue as your error message is exposing a whole bunch of internal Bubble information. It’s weird that it’s only you its affecting though.

It looks like the API request is getting a reset response and Bubble doesn’t know what to do with this. This is usually a security thing - Firewalls/ Intrusion detection can send resets. But I am just guessing. I would raise a bug with Bubble

Hi Simon!
Thank you for an answer. If I understood you correctly - I should send request to Bubble support?

Yes I would

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Finaly the API recovered and now works fine
But it looks very frustrating in terms of business whan your API-based app (which already has some users) is not working because of bug, thet nobody can fix for a few days.

I am really looking for something in alternative to API Connector

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