API now only returns raw body text

this is doing my noodle in…I’ve spent a couple of days …checking and testing with every conceivable scenario and still the same result. For the last 4 years I’ve been using the api call in a backend WF to my DB to create a thing a return the id of the thing created using the return data from API

I re-initialized the API endpoint and now i’m not getting the JSON response but simply ray text. its strange as the Raw test is formatted as a JSON


of course i’ve tested in postman and that returns the JSON!

I have the same issue. I use an API call to display data in a group. It used to work perfectly but now, I see the data only in raw body text but not in each field. However, when I refresh the page… then it works. If someone has a logical explanation :raising_hand_man:

thanks for sharing the page refresh… seems that’s not working for me. in fact…now i’m actually getting nothing back. Postman still shows the JSON. if i use the DATA APi then i get back the JSON without any issues. I think its time for me to do the bug report.