API only sends 100 data

Hello, I have a problem, which is the following:

I am using API connector to send customer data but I only get 100 and the rest of the data does not, in total there should be 257 of which 157 are not sent.


Do you know if it is due to the plan I have (Professional) or how I could solve it.

I would appreciate it

It’s not because of your plan.
Many API endpoints have ‘pagination’ in place and only return a set number of entries, 100 is quite an industry standard.
This is so you don’t query the entire database, which would be very resource intensive and also generally not a good way to go about things. Are you using this query for your frontend or are you doing a db migration?

If you really want to query all the entries you will have to iterate and call the endpoint until the ‘remaining’ is 0.

Its default pagination - Data API requests - Bubble Docs

Yes, a query is being carried out where it only brings us the 100 data, I have read about similar cases but they mention one page

Just use the pagination parameters and you’ll be all good

Thanks, sorry, I’m new to this, how can I configure the Pagination parameters?

Have a read of the documentation I sent earlier, it has a walkthrough of it for you