API Connector not parsing the total API response. Only returning first 20 rows

For some reason this API only returns the first 20 rows of my API call. I’m not sure why as the API response is only 62kb in size. The API can be tested by anyone, and is setup as posted below. Can anyone return a list of the symbols?

My response is

I have displayed the list of symbols in an RG, which shows just the first 20

Would love someone to give this a go and let me know if you can somehow display more than 20 rows. If you look at the raw data of the API response you will see there are much more than 20 symbols.

APIs normally limit the amount of items they return. So you have to handle pagination. This is not the same endpoint you’re targetting, but I think it’s probably a good starting point.

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@rico.trevisan Thanks for the response. I’ll try pass a limit parameter now. The weird thing is the full response is returned when I initialise the API, so it seems the entire response is being sent, but not let in by the bubble API connector.

This was solved, I was not access the data through my api and was using the binance testnet which was causing the problem.

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