API plugin keeps saying " You need to initialize this call before it will work." even though I do, and it worked fine before

I’m using the API plugin to send JSON to another system. I have about 30 key parameters on it and it has always worked fine. Normally when I add a new parameter, I have to click “Update call” before I can use it.

A few days ago though when I added a new parameter it then said I need to initialize the call before it will work, but when I’d press initialize it works, but then never updates:

I press Initialize Call:

That USED to show a popup with “Success” on it but never does anymore, and now just shows that message here.

Nothing happens though, it still says I need to initialize the call to make it work, but what’s really stupid is that it DOES work. Pressing that button sends the webhook to our external system including the new parameter, it’s just Bubble refuses to acknowledge it has been initialized.

Should I be contacting support for this?