API results does not write to my Live database (works perfectly in Development)

I’m noticing a very serious issue on my app. I have an API workflow, which works perfectly in Development version but not in my Live version.

I cannot seem to write the results of the API into my database in my live version. I can tell the API works in the live version however because the workflow has another task to send an email and all the fields from the API results are in the email.

Would appreciate any help on this as I just launched my app not realizing this was a big problem

Did you check the Privacy settings on your live database?

Currently we did not setup an privacy role restrictions. Not sure if there is anywhere else to check privacy settings for the live database

In other instances, we can write into the live database, but the responses from the API simply would not write into them

Hello, just upping this thread in hopes someone may be able to help. We went live not knowing this was going to be an issue and had to roll back.

Like I mentioned before , we have a situation whereby we implented an API as a plugin and created an API workflow for it. The API workflow it works perfectly in development (it makes calls, listens and writes to the dev database). In the live environment however the plugin and workflows partially work.

Live, the API makes calls and listens for data (we know this because we run additional tasks like sending email with some information it receives. It does not, however write information received into our Live database.

We can’t seem to figure it out. It is such a big issue because the API is for a payment solution (RavePay)

Would appreciate any insight into this issue or workarounds. Attached is a pic of our API workflow


Hello @emmanuel
Sorry to bug you n this but do you have any thoughts regarding my API issue?


@emmanuel could it be a corrupted Live db?

Hi @tomi.adegbenro, did you ever find a solution to this?

I’ve spent a few days trying to troubleshoot an issue with my app’s database and I’m wondering if your solution could help me further.

Hey I’ve run into the same problem. Did this get solved @tomi.adegbenro ?