API - returns [object Object]

I have successfully connected to makeplans.net’s API. but when trying to output a string
it returns [object Object]

(Step 1) Here is the connection:

(Step 2)And the returned values looks fine here:

(Step 3) I’m setting up a text field based on an API call for a spesific ID:

(Step 4) Adding the parameter idx.resource.title (which I’ve defined as text in the connection):

Which outputs [object Object] even though it shows the correct value in step 2

After some googling, my only guess is that this is because it’s trying to output an array?
But I find that strange, since I have selected a single item when connecting to a spesific ID (Step 3)

Any help/advice?

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So if I remove the ID-part of the connection url (so that the url is this: http://pm.test.makeplans.net/api/v1/resources/ ) it will output correctly the last item of the “resources”.

Outputs the last “resource item”:

Strange thing is, in the API connector, when I initiate a call with spesific ID it returns the values correctly:


I got the same problem : an [object Object] value on a list response.

I tried to display only the first item, same problem.
I tried to display them on a repeating group, same problem.

Did you solve your problem ?


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Hi. I have exactly the same problem. The API call returns [object Object]. Has anyone solved this problem?

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I get the same thing with the Airtable plug-in

Can this problem be solved?

All day I try to solve the same problem, and I found the reason – its because button Pause was switched on. When you turn it off – it will work