API RouteXL, error

Hello there! I try to use RouteXL with the API connector without success. I think I’m ok with Authentication, but I’ve this error :

My setup is there :

On their forum, they talk about encoding but I can’t understand what I need to do :confused:

Here’s the doc : RouteXL API | RouteXL

Maybe someone could help ? a big thanks

Try to put everything in url after?

same :confused:

Put location= in url. Just keep json in the params

still 409 :confused:

they respond to someone with this : API 409 error "No locations" - #4 by sedadigital - API - RouteXL Support

Worked for me:

But you will not be able to really use it from API Connector. This return a dictionnary of routes. (Route 0, 1…_)

You may need to create your own plugin or receive it as text instead of JSON and parse it using another tool.

okay I’m a dumb, I was missing " symbol before and after the terms lat and lng :confused:

Was probably too tired !

Thank you again for helping me @Jici it is working now with your method and " missing

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an idea to make pore usable the result ? as you said, I have route 0,1,2… with dozen of item it is not easy to manage!

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