API signature HMAC SHA256 - Binance

Hi Bubblers !

I am having issue creating API calls to use Binance API.
Binance required signature as a parameter in every call. And this is what I am struggling with.
There’s some topics on the subject in the forum but couldn’t find a solution.

Here is how I managed the process, something is wrong and I need help :

  1. I created a backend API Workflow triggered by a button in the app.

  2. The API workflow run an action : create a binance order in the database (with all required parameters : symbol, side, type, timestamp, etc… see here and save everything in the database.

  3. Next workflow save in the database a text that has to be hashed (taking all parameters that will be in the API call) : symbol=xxx&type=xxx&side=xxx (as mention here

  4. Next workflow takes the text from step 3 and hashs it with “formatted as text / HMAC SHA256” using the secret Key Binance provided me with, and save the signature results in the database

  5. Next workflow should then create an API call with parameters from step 2, and signature from step 4. (I couldn’t test this as the API call isn’t initialized properly)

I am trying to initialize the API call in the API connector plugin by taking parameters from step 1 to 4, and I get an error “signature is not valid”.

Am I doing it completely the wrong way, do I miss something important ?
Every help would be appreciated.

Please note :
I am a not a tech guy
the usecase : this is only to be used by myself, the goal is to automate some buy and sell trades. No one else will be using this app.

Thanks !

@mishav and @agoo7714 seems you could help ?
Sorry to tag you I saw you had deal with it ?

Many thanks

hey did you ever figure this out? I’m curious about the SHA256 currently dealing with an api integration that is requiring some personal keys be hashed and 256-