API signature and timestamp encode

Anyone worked with api that requires signature/timestamp. Encode the secret key with. or created a plugin.

Thanks in advance.

I have created couple of payment getaways which required the header to have a encrypted hashed signature.

Hi, could you please share some details on how i can achieve that. I am using payment rails api.

Do you know JavaScript? You will need to write a custom script to generate the header for you which you can use as a dynamic value in the header field of the bubble Api connector.

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Yes i do, Haven’t used in a while. Where would i be adding this script? This is the documentation Apis

You can use the Toolbox :toolbox: plugin to use the “Run Javascript” action in a workflow before firing off your api call.

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Thanks for the help. Do you maybe have any example for the script code?

I’ve done this without code using a plugin for hashing / hmac generation.

You can pass your information into and out of the generator and down to the APIs.

If you get stuck on the JavaScript parts, there are alternatives.


hey, can you provide any alternatives? thanks

Which API are you working with and I’ll suggest something :slight_smile:

Hi thanks. i am using payment rails api link- Apis

Ok that’s not too bad
You need two add ins
One for unix time
One hash/hmac generator

You’ll be able to generate an HMAC using the HMAC generator and the timestamp from the unix time

hi Quick question, i got this to kinda work by making a plugin, and value returning is a string but i need text.

Any suggestions?

A string is a text?

i get a alert message saying original in “” qoutes