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API workflow endpoint wouldn't allow identical names

Hi, I’m trying to create a few API workflows with the same endpoint but different “and when” conditions, and I get an error that I cannot use the same name for endpoint.
Is it a bug or it should be that way?
Here is the link to the editor (private app)

I have changed now to different endpoints (time1, time2 etc.) but it makes the scenario more complicated. as now I need to call different URLs from the outside environment instead of calling just 1.
Please advise

Think about it, you can’t do this… the name is in the URL endpoint, so we need different names to have different endpoints. Why does it matter anyway?

when it’s one name with different conditions, I will trigger only one endpoint from AWS, otherwise I need to call many different endpoints and add them to AWS each time I have a new condition to apply. I supposed it would work same way as with regular workflows. For example we can have 3 different workflows for the same button click but with different conditions, Bubble checks which condition applies and then performs the actions, I supposed that the same would happen with endpoints. Doesn’t it make sense?

Okay, well we don’t support this

I need to reopen this discussion. @levon did you find a good workaround?

I am currently designing an API service and would love to see the API workflows behave similar to regular workflow to allow different results to be returned from the same API end point name depending on the condition.

@emmanuel i know that you and the team have a lot on your plate; and i don’t really know how much work is involved but may i request you give this some thought and if it is required let me know if i can sponsor something like this

Thank you,

Hi Ali, unfortunately i didn’t find a solution for this and simply redesigned the workflows.


You can already do this with custom workflows, just have conditions on them.

Just to clarify are we talking about the same thing here API End points (to be used in postman for example)?


Sorry @emmanuel, i have been trying without success! I think i understand what you mean but what i am actually looking for is to have a several API End Points (with the same name) that are triggered based on a condition that is being evaluated. This way i can make a single call in postman and depending on my parameters i get different results.

Each of the API End Points should return results back. Similar to workflow behaviors but on the API End Point

Please let me know if i am doing something wrong

Just have one endpoint hello that triggers 3 custom events in the endpoint with different conditions. A little tedious but that’ll work.

By the way have the same endpoint do different thing is not standard and not a good idea I think. It’s just cleaner to have different endpoints, its more readable and easier for developers to debug.

I tried that. But how do i pass the parameter “Which” from the End point to the custom event so it can be evaluated under the condition of the custom event

You’d have to create a type of thing that contains the different data you want to pass. Again, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this…

I guess your right. What about having the different Endpoints with same names being evaluated for the condition and the one that meets the condition being run; same as the regular workflows. This way we don’t have to go through this song and dance.

I recommend using different endpoints names, since you know which one to call when you design the call, since you know the data when you make the call.

I guess i can do that. I just wanted to cut down on the number of API i have so not to confuse the end users. For example add an optional parameter “full” to call will return more detailed information about the product, its better than calling 1 API for this and another for something else

Yes, but on the other hand that makes things harder for the end user to debug, since it’s a black box. instead, a clear documentation with clear, different endpoints is easier to handle.

Appreciate your support and insight, i will go ahead as you suggested.


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