Unable to access backend workflow API endpoints

I’m trying to set up a recursive workflow, and when I go to the backend workflows I don’t have the option to set up an endpoint, only new API workflows, recurring events, etc.

What am I missing? Is it the plan that I’m on? Thanks for the help!

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New API workflow is what you need to use.

Are you on the paid plan?

But when I set that up, I can’t establish a custom endpoint. I’ve been referencing other videos and don’t have the same settings. Like this example: How to Run a Loop in Bubble.io - YouTube

Yes, I’m on a paid plan.

That must be an old video… what Bubble used to call API Endpoints are now just called API Workflows.

In any case they are the same thing, just different names.


Thought it was just me, I’ve spent two days trying to work out how to create an endpoint. I could only find new API :grin: