API workflow mass data

Dear colleagues,
I am on my way learning Bubble and stuck with the following issue.

I am trying to download data from external web site and save it to database.
As a result I would like to receive something like this (sorry for excel):

But using my API workflow I am receiving mass of data:

Could you help me understand where I am mistaken.

My API Workflow settings here:

You should schedule api workflow on a list.
But this depend on how you get data (should be a list too).

Oh, almost 6 hours spent without result but everything remains the same.
I have tried to schedule API workflow on a list.


I don’t think that the the list you schedule on should be of type text but a type related to the API call array.
Can you show the result of the api call (the popup window after the initialize call. Can be this window or the raw data)
At first sight, should be …Items (not with ID). And the list to run on with be Agency test - API Call’s items

Changed type of thing to “API call item” and “List to run on” to Agency Test - API Call Items".

The result is still:

Other thins stay the same

Thank you very much!!! After certain attempts I finaly solved this problem, the result is perfect.

The main mistake was in Schedule API Workflow. Wrong settings:

Current Right Settings:

Also to solve this issue I read this really helpful case (really similar to mine):

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Yes. On the previou post, I should tell you to use THIS… in the bottom parameters
“This” is use to send the current item data. If you use the Agency test - API Call’s data’s id (for example), this will send all ID not just the ID of the current item. So the list will not run correctly.


I am sorry, am I missing something? Could you please help me with this?


Never mind! Just solved it.