API workflow on a list, action "sometimes" doesn't work


I’m building a platform where files are the product to be delivered, so managing files upload/download is something critical to the customer and the provider. I can’t risk any issue about this.

I’m using Uploadcare to allow uploading multiple files, and ULC creates some File’s group ID. That’s perfectly working.

Then I’ve build a simple API call connector (my first one, very proud :slight_smile:) to get the multiple UUIDs from Uploadcare (one for each file).

Finally (and that’s where I got some strange behaviour), I’m using “Schedule API Workflow on a list” to create single file entries in a Datatype, based upon the UUID’s list.

Now, if I set the schedule interval to 1 sec, it creates n-1 entries.

If I set to 2 sec, it creates n entries, which is great.

Is this a known issue about API WF on a list ?

How could I be sure that I won’t ever see some file slipping through my fingers ?

Thanks a lot,


Bump !

I guess this issue is a little too marginal, like an orphan disease…