Workflow: Go through each item in list

How do I schedule a bulk workflow on a list: I want a list of categories in “products” to be compared against a list of tags. If the product categories contain any of the tags, I want to add the tag to the product, tag field… How can this be implemented in a workflow?

You can Schedule an API Workflow on a list, where the list is the list of tags.

The API Endpoint would take a Tag as a parameter and trigger an action to “Make a change to a Thing”, the Thing is a Search for Products:first item, where the search has a constraint “Categories contains [tag]”

[tag] being the parameter.

The change to make is in the tag field for the Product. Tag field = [tag] or, if the Tag field is a list… Tag field add [tag]

Check out this video to help set that up:

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Assume this is the same question as you asked in the other thread…

You can do it via an API workflow, but also with a “Make changes to a list of things”.

Given the flaky nature of API workflows at the moment, I would make sure you schedule them several seconds apart, although in this case, as you are not updating the same thing each time, you should be OK.


Thanks alot, both of your methods worked in combination!

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@NigelG I’m curious about your comment regarding the nature of workflows at the moment.

I’m running into an issue where we have a multi-file uploader for images (maximum of 5 images). And then we call an API workflow that runs on that list of files in the multi uploader.

All of the actions in the API workflow seem to execute, but sometimes they don’t get added into the database, so what happens is that only 4 of the images will modified.

Is this the kind of thing you were referring to?

Our work flow has 2 types of things:

  • Image Records (which holds the individual files)
  • Messages (which has a list of image records)

Our workflow makes a new thing (Image Record), and then updates a different thing (Message) to add those 5 images to a list of image records to it.

All of the Image Records seem to be entered into the database fine, however the ‘Add Image Record to List of Image Records’ in the Message thing is where the trouble happens.

If anyone can make a suggestion or help trouble shoot - thank you in advance!

Can you post images, perhaps I can see if it’s similar to my structure.


This is when the image is created in the API Workflow this seems to work fine - the image records always get made in my tests

And this is the part where things can fall down, attaching the result of step 1 to the list of image records in the ‘Message’ thing:

Here’s an example message where I had tried to upload 5 images to it (Note - there are only for image records added to the list):

I’m going to try adding a delay in the workflow as suggested by @romanmg and then report back.

In the second picture, instead of “message” maybe try… Do a search for message:first item

Yup, that is exactly the situation we faced. It was the update, not the add.

Increasing the interval sorted it for now. Am sure a more permanent solution will come along.

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