API Workflow to change status of a list of things

Hi all,

I have a problem very similar to the following post:

The answer seemed to work for the asker however I’m struggling to implement it.

User type A posts a job to be tendered for by freelance contractors (User Type B). The job is posted and an auction deadline is set and the job status is set “Auction Live” so that contractors can search for live jobs. After the auction, the status is changed to Auction Over at the specified deadline. There are more steps after all following the same idea.

I assume this requires an API workflow end point, but it keeps trying to make me input more dynamic fields. The thing I want to change is Job’s Status (ANY job which has crossed its auction deadline) but it keeps suggesting that I narrow this field to ‘first on the list’ which is not useful to me.

I’m sure I must be misunderstanding something here… Gaby’s answer in the linked post suggests scheduling the workflow at the creation of the job, which is a great suggestion, but it’s the actual creation of the endpoint which is throwing me… How do I get it to just change one particular job which isn’t even created yet because it’s created by the user?

I hope my explanation made sense, I really appreciate any help.