API Workflow for auction. How would you pros set the winner?

Hi all.

I have a repeating group that has a list of things that will be auctioned, lets call them auction listings. Each of those listings has an expiry date for the listing to be active up until that date/time. Other users will be able to bid on those things and when the last one to bid on a thing before the expiry date/time goes out should be the winner.

I have also set the auction listings up with: “Expiry date”, auction “leader” and a “winner” field for the listings. Every bid from a user makes them that listings “leader” and if [expiry date < current date/time] then [winner = this listings “leader”]

I can make this work with the push of a button with an API workflow, but I cant seem to get it to work automatically by setting the timing for the API workflow to fire when a listing is [expiry date < current date/time].

Also I am confused about API workflow on a list or not in this case? It has to check a list of listings to determine those listings who qualify for the [expiry date < current date/time] part, but I am not sure.

If you have any straight forward tips on how to set this up correctly that would make this work I would be so thankful!


Hi @kris, here’s how I’d do this:

  1. Create an API Endpoint with a parameter for Listing
  2. This endpoint should have an action to “make a change to [listing]”, where the change is winner = [listing]'s leader
  3. In the workflow that first creates the listing (assuming the expiry date is a part of listing creation), add an action to “Schedule API Workflow” (not on a list). Parameter’s value = Result of Create Listing step. Schedule date = Result of Create Listing’s step’s Expiry date.

That’s it.

What the above is doing is scheduling the winner field to be updated to happen at the expiration date/time. The parameter is to pass the new listing record over to the API endpoint so it knows which listing to work with. When that date/time arrives, the Make a Change action will run and whoever happens to be the Leader at that moment will be saved as Winner. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks Gaby! I will try that!

That solution seems so much smarter than what I was messing around with. Guess efficient logical thinking comes with time and experience…Now I will have to put some bids in and wait for a listing to trigger expiry date to see if it picks the winners correctly :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Sounds great. Not sure how you’re saving expiry date/time, but if you have full control, just save it to several minutes in the future so that you have time to bid as a few users and get the results quickly :slight_smile:

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Working as a charm @romanmg :smiley: The app just decided that the leader of the auction listing won after time ran out.

Thanks again Gaby! <3

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