API workflow - URI parameter

I have created an endpoint. I would like to read URI parameters. Is it possible?

For example:


Can I retrieve value1 and value2 anyhow?

If you want to retrieve your values from the URL as you’ve shown, then I think you will need to do that with a standard page, not an endpoint. Endpoints typically use a POST with the parameters inside the body of the request, rather than in the URL.

If you go the page route, you can grab the parameters from the URL using the Get data from page url modifier and even call an api from that page.

If you want to stick with an API endpoint, you can easily get parameters if you POST them in from the body. You can use form-data or json depending on what you like. In the api endpoint setup, use the Add a new parameter button to define all your key/value pairs.

Thank you very much for answer.
Unfortunately in my case I need to consume POST with parameters in URI and also parameters inside the body.
Is there any workaround?

Did you find a solution here??

This was added recently.

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Thanks Kieth, any idea how it works in conjunction with “detected data”

Hi Chad, sorry, no. (I’ve not even tried this new URL parameters feature, was simply pointing out its existence! Seems very straightforward, though.)