Access to URL of API Call?

Is there a way to access the URL for an API call - i.e. similar “This url” to access the URL for the current page?

EDIT: What I’m really after is a parameter (query sting variable) that’s part of the call. Is there a way to get to it?

Are you working in the API Connector? If you put the parameter key in brackets, then Bubble will reveal key/value fields and then you would uncheck the “private” checkbox to expose the parameter in your workflows or wherever you’re using the call. You could then make that value dynamic.

For example, if your endpoint is something like:[parameter2]

That parameter 2 will reveal new fields right below the endpoint field because you put it in brackets.

Is this what you’re after?

Thanks, @romanmg. I’m working with a custom plugin, but I think it’s basically the same as the API Connector. I think I got it figured out. You are correct that the parameter is available in the editor UI. I just had to approach it a bit differently than I initially thought.

I was trying to set the page number to implement pagination for a repeating group that was fetching data from an external service.

Thanks much!