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API Workflows Self Destructing (Spontaneous Deletion)

Bubble workflows are NOW being randomly deleted by BUBBLE and my app is just progressively breaking as things decay and delete themselves.

PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY. This is really frustrating. There are serious issues going on with Bubble.

Is this happening to anyone else?

It’s unlikely anything permanent is happening to your app, but file a bug report with all the info the bug report form asks for:

Support will have a look at it.

Well i think it is breaking since there are now errors showing up as the missing workflows vanish… after they can not be called by other workflows looking for them. :frowning:

Well, your project can be restored to previous points in time, so, even if something is going wacky right now, you can always restore to an earlier point in time. (And, I’m pretty confident Bubble support can restore to you to points in time that your current service level doesn’t grant.) But, even so, if you’re experiencing strangeness like this you need to file a bug report so someone can look at the specific project in question.

thanks i did file one. just seems like so many odd things going on

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