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Temporary API workflow bug - Comes & goes

Every x-amount of time this annoying little bug (see below) appears - after some hours or a day it is back to normal.

Pretty frustrating on a day you’re launching the alpha version & just wanted to make a few little UI/UX changes. As deploying to live now is impossible…

Anyone experiencing this as well?

Hey there @oliviercoolen,

Have you filed a bug report at

When things like this happen to me:

  • close an reopen (a) offending editor tab (b) all editor tabs (c) browser
  • delete workflow step and recreate
  • coffee break and try again in a few minutes
  • bug report

the bubble editor is a live professional editing environment, and by ‘professional’ I mean quirky with inscrutable errors every now and then and, of course, hoops to jump through–just like every ‘pro’ software I’ve ever worked with :slight_smile:


Hey @oliviercoolen :wave:

I usually refresh the page right away and it fixes it. Just close the browser and open it back up again it. Does the trick every time. I don’t even try to fix it anymore because I know it’s not an issue for me to fix.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@jon2 & @J805 Awesome thanks guys, will try it out the next time it happens! Thanks. :smiley:

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