API's and Plugins - looking for a development partner

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I’m looking for someone I can team up with to make my (already written and working) payments plugin commercially ready as a BUBBLE PLUGIN.

It means that you need to know how to

  • create bubble plugins (you’ve published one or more of your own)
  • knowledgeable on API’s
  • know javascript and jquery really well (skills I don’t have)!
    …and be easy to work with!

I have already invested heavily in it as a private plugin so I’m asking for your time and expertise in return I’m willing to share any revenue it may generate and ownership of the plugin.

I have several very successful eCommerce businesses in Australia and also looking for an ongoing technical partner to help me with various bubble projects.

Please let me know if you’re interested below.
You can contact me directly morgan@incling.com.au

Hi Morgan,

From your request I didn’t fully understand the offer. Are you paying for time, equity or both?

Hi Codeables, I’m offering equity/profit share for the time of a technical partner. I have already built it and it works but I need a partner to make it commercial ready.