Looking for an expert Bubble Plugin Developer

Hi! I’m looking for a part-time/freelance Bubble plugin developer on a long-term basis. Around 5-10 hours/week.


  • develop new or customize existing Bubble plugins to meet requirements
  • troubleshoot and fix plugin issues
  • provide documentation on work done
  • provide expert advice on issues related to Bubble


  • experience with developing Bubble plugins
  • proficiency in JavaScript, JQuery, API integration

Send me your hourly rates if any. Otherwise open to work on an ad hoc per-project basis. Thank you!


Hello @jayy,

Would you consider a monthly subscription? Check out my profile page if you are interested. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. I would be happy to help.

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Hey there,

I’ve got several plugins under my name and I’ve worked on many more for others as well. I’ve got around 5 to 10 hours to spare, and I prefer working on plugins.

Send me a DM and let’s have a quick chat.



Hey @jayy ,

Please find hereafter my portfolio for reference: wise:able Contributor Profile | Bubble

Feel free to DM me to learn more about your projects and see how we could fit together.

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Thanks guys! Have DM-ed you :slight_smile:

Hi @jayy

I’ve just DM-ed you, waiting for a great discussion!

Hello, I have several plugins published and in progress. Take a look at my contributor page, I can meet this schedule.

Hi again! I’m looking for a part-time/freelance Bubble plugin developer on a long-term basis. Around 10-15 hours/week.


  • Develop new or customize existing Bubble plugins to meet requirements
  • Troubleshoot and fix plugin issues
  • Provide documentation and user guides on work done
  • Provide expert advice on issues related to Bubble


  • Experience with developing Bubble plugins
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, JQuery, API integration

PM me your hourly rates and portfolio, if any. Otherwise open to work on an ad hoc per-project basis. Thank you!

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Hi @jayy,

I can absolutely help you find the perfect one for your Bubble freelancer needs. We have lots of vetted experts and Certified Bubble Developers offering their services at different hourly rates depending on their years of experiences and skillsets. Kindly check my DM. Thanks. :slight_smile:

HI @jayy
I have experience of plugin development in Bubble.io. I can help you to solve issue’s related to plugins and also fix it.
DM me for more.

Hi @jayy, how are you?

One of my team members specializes in bubble plugins and ticks all your other boxes too, here is a list of the plugins he has built…

Intelli Class
.Intelli Class is here to simplify the process of adding custom CSS classes to the elements in your Bubble apps.
It identifies the elements you specify and assigns your custom CSS classes to them, offering an extra layer of customization.

Kawaii - Animation Solution
a user-friendly animation plugin powered by the Green Sock Animation Platform (GSAP). Kawaii makes creating animations easy and fun, adding a visual spark to your apps.

Listopia is here to push the boundaries of no-code list management in Bubble and we can’t wait for you to start your journey with it.

Gesture Tracker [ Touch|Mouse ]
Gesture Tracker is your magic wand to supercharge your Bubble.io applications, tracking touch, mouse, and pointer interactions to sketch a comprehensive panorama of user gestures.

Drag It - RG → RG
Let your audience craft, customize, and curate with unmatched ease in Repeating Groups.

Carousel X - Elements Slider
Carousel X - Elements Slider is a powerful and handy plugin for bubble that empowers you to easily craft beautiful and engaging carousels on your apps.

PostHog Analytics
Integrate with PostHog platform with ease.

Quill Rich Text Editor
Elevate your app’s user experience by empowering them to craft and fine-tune rich text content, directly within your application.

Plotly Charts |:robot_face: AI Powered Chart
With our Plotly Chart plugin, you can create stunning, interactive charts and graphs that will push your application to the next level of brilliance.

JSON Assistant
your perfect companion to tackle all JSON tasks in Bubble. From the basic functionalities to new, powerful ones, we’ve got you covered!

Dive into the realm of easy screenshot captures

CSV Data Manipulation
Work with CSV, TSV, DSV, TXT, XML directly in your bubble apps.

His name is @NoCodeDataArtisan and his a very switched on and smart man who more than happy to help his fellow developers out and build custom plugins.

I can personally attest to all the plugins as we use them in some way, shape or form within builds for our agency and some that are not on that list.

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Thank you so much Kane @pattokane

Hello @jayy,

I’m thrilled to assist you! If you’re still looking to create a plugin for your project, just give us a shout. We’re always here to help make the bubble even more delightful.