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App Data Entries' Formatting

Hello, everyone!

Is there a way to save formatted text in the database, e.g.: bulletpoints / paragraphs / text-formatting (bold, italic e t.c.)? If I’m adding text directly on “App Data” tab it seems impossible.

Hi @Kirill21,

Anything that you want in the database you need to create a thing for. Once that is done, then create the fields. e.i.: bulletpoints, paragraphs, etc.

if you want to edit those things, then use inputs, then create a save button which would have the workflow of “make a change to this Thing”, then set the Thing, and then the fields that you want to edit, and then have those set to the specified inputs.

i’ve found that its easier to display things using a text entity and then having an edit button for that which creates a pop up to edit it.

Hopefully that helps.


Also check out the Rich Text Editor - it’s a plugin so you need to install it via the Plugins tab.

It’s based on

Each dynamic text entry also has a Rich text editor that allows formatting

cfulx, thx for the answer!

I understand that there could be a lof of fields within a thing. My question is about whether it’s possible to get text formatted within one field, i.e. to have Field with Text type which will contain formatting (e.g. bullet points) inside it.

Hope now my question is clear :wink:

Thx Goerge.

Will try to do this way.

Could we have the choice btw two modes for this plugin : Simple Rich Text Editor & Advanced one ?
Like you I like make things super-easy for my users. For some of them I only need the basics options.

Also, like you can see in the screenshot, if the width s not enought, the tool bar needs two lines.

I want to be cherry-picking today :smile:

It worked out! Thx)


Thank you Nicolas - we’ll think about it when revamping the rich text editor. Right now it’s a pre-made component we use so not a lot of customization.