Formatting with Rich Text

So I am trying to use a rich text editor to allow people to input text. Then I want it to display in a normal text box. It does not keep the formatting? Is there a way to set the text box to display information exactly as it was saved in the rich text editor?

Also bonus question. When I use the rich text editor and use the numbered list feature, the actual number won’t increase in size even if I make the rest of the text larger. Anybody else have issues with the rich text editor?

You could add data about the rich text with the text in the database and use that data to display the text and recreate the rich text.

What input are you using that allows the user to create a rich text.


I am using the Rich Text Input Addon Plugin that is available through Bubble.

Oh. This is actually complicated.

I am not sure if the previous explanation made sense but, what I suggested would mean you would have to create different data to match each different rich text format. That is isn’t really efficient and I think you have stumbled upon one of the few dilemmas in bubble.

Well that is unfortunate. That was definitely part of my app.

Oh well, maybe in time new solutions will be made available by the Bubble team.

I notice that the Rich Text Input Plugin has a property to disable input. Maybe you could use one Rich Text box for input and another one for display, using the “input is disabled option.”

But then then the editing icons are still visible. You’d need to cover them up someway. Maybe group the Rich Text box with a Header that covers the icons.

PS: Looks like the Rich Text Box PlugIn needs with a new property to hide all editing icons.

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I agree. I was looking for this option with no success. But a full text view would be awesome.

I am able to save content from the Rich Text Plugin - and have it display in a text field with the formatting…
I am not sure what your scenario is - but I would double check.

Text database entries from the Rich Text Input are saved with the html formatting tags

Just in case anybody else ever happens by this thread again, I found the ideal solution. Looks like text in any text box can hold Rich Text. Just click on the “Rich text editing” link under the dialog text box.

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