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I have launched my website on google, however instead of showing my website’s name it is displaying “Your Bubble App” . I tried to change my pages’ titles, however nothing changed. Perhaps it is due to Google indexing, but when I tried to index my changed website name on another search engine, nothing changed and it is still “Your Bubble App”

Have you had a look at the settings page (general)? That’s where you can change the name of your Bubble app.

Page names will just reflect in the web browser tab.

Your page titles can be set for each page in the page properties editor - so first check each page in the properties editor for the page to see if the page titles are set correctly.

Note: when changing you page titles in Bubble you need to publish the changes to your live version, just as you would any other changes.

If you’ve done all that, then you can easily check your live app pages by right clicking in the browser on the page (not the editor) and selecting ‘view source code’. Then you can check the code to see what the page titles are.

If they are what they should be then you know everything is set up correctly, and it’s just a case of waiting until Google re-indexed the pages.

It can takes several weeks for Google to re-crawl your pages, but you can speed that up by requesting a recrawl in your Google Search console.

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