Google Indexing problem, site name on google is 'bubble application'

I’ve published my site recently, but when i find it on a google search, the title is ‘Bubble application’ rather than the name of the site. I have been on the index page settings and changed the page title and page title (for SEO) and it’s made no difference, does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


Sometimes it can take a little time for it to update on third party services. I would wait for a little bit and check again.

I actually made the change yesterday, can it sometimes take longer than this?

What is the name of your app so I can look it up on google on my end and see if it’s there.

It won’t change until Google recrawls your site. You can sort of nudge Google to do this in Google Search Console (use the “fetch as google” option and then “request indexing”.)

If you’ve not set up Google Search Console for your site, now’s the time. The most useful thing you can do is connect your sitemap there. (You configure your app’s sitemap in the Settings tab of your Bubble app, selecting which pages you want to include in the sitemap. Also click “Expose a sitemap file”, of course.) Your sitemap is then available at your-apps-url/sitemap.xml and you can enter that URL into your Google Search Console settings.

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I did the fetch as google and request indexing and this sorted it out, cheers

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