App Size and Length

I’m not having much luck with app sizing… I bought the codeless acabemy course from @natedogg and it’s pretty awesome but i’m still confused about the size of the screen…

Nate recommends 640x1136… then on bubble the present width to mobile takes it to 380

Does it just not matter and I should make everything 640x1136 fixed width and when it’s uploaded it will just resize it?

Or do I treat it exactly like I would with a website and make it responsive?

Either way, the biggest problem really does seem to be the length of the page rather than width…


@aliandrihab Facing similar headaches with my app. I’ve tried it for many devices and it works perfectly for the iPhone 6S that I test with, but I get all sorts of results with different devices. Tried sizing it for different devices with a GoNative preview and ran into similar issues. I keep running into the issue where the app looks zoomed-in, and the user has to keep scrolling around esp horizontally when it should be static.

@aliandrihab @InCommon I’m using WebViewGold and running into similar issues. Previewing the app in XCode, using ‘mobile’ ‘native app’ and ‘380’, it looks great on the smaller iPhone sizes. I get empty white margins on the sides when viewing on larger devices, however. Anyone figure out a resolution that successfully works on a variety of IOS device sizes? Thanks!

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I typically build for a larger page (e.g., 1200px wide) and then set up responsive so that it’ll continue to shrink down and look good at every width, down to the smallest smart phones.

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@sridharan.s have you had success being accepted into the IOS app store with this technique?

Just have to say the thread title reads a lot like my spam emails. :joy:


Good question. I’m building a web application, so my goal is for it to be usable on mobile devices but not a downloadable app. As such, I don’t know whether my approach is applicable to your situation.

Anyone else with mobile app experience have suggestions?

Here’s an example of the issue I keep running into…anyone have a similar experience? This is a new page; no groups, etc created yet. White margins on larger screens.