App text auto-translator

I’ve made something that takes the exported app text CSV and can translate from a base language into any language (e.g if you add the texts for en_us, you could translate it into nl_nl, de_de and fr_fr for example). It uses GPT 3.5 to go through each missing app text and translates it and sends back the filled CSV. It takes about 1 second per cell.

Is anyone interested in this? If so, would people pay (per use basis) to use it? I can’t find anything else that does it automatically so thought some people might find it useful here.

If you want, send me a CSV of the app texts from Bubble containing your base language and the languages you want to translate and I’ll send it back to you and you can let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Sounds like a very good idea. Especially when you consider how much the translation page is buggy when you have a large number of translations. (The translation page itself is in need of an overhaul and not up to date)

Do you mean a service that is paid per translation, or a fee per language?

I am currently working on an app which, when finished, will be translated into many languages. Most of it will be translated by app text. For a small part I am using the Google Translate API (for live translations without having to update the whole page).

So I would definitely be interested in a test run and ready for detailed feedback!

Send me what you’ve got so far (export → select the languages including your default language and the languages you want to translate to)!

Direct AI cost + small fixed fee per translated cell probably