Export translation / app-text (Multi-Lingual)

I’m currently translating my app using the app text.
Despite my searches, I have to translate each element one by one, I probably missing something to export the translation data (as a CSV) in order to make the translation by a third party?

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Hi @vnihoul77,

Not that I know of. I’m trying to see if there is a way to copy the source code of the page to obtain all the translations. This only solves half of the problem as I would still need to add them one by one. If this does not work I will refactor my translations and try to use Data types :frowning:

@mangooly I’m thinking about stopping my translation process too…
It’s don’t really understand why there’s no way to copy data or export it or at least have multiple columns. If someone can tell me why it’s hard to implement, I’m curious to know.

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I think it might be hard to implement because there are certain things that don’t always work as easily as they could be…hopefully this is on bubble’s roadmap to execute something that would make it easier.

I am in the process of contemplating the best approach myself and stumbled on this thread. My initial thoughts were to use Option sets, but those would be difficult because Bubble has not yet made option sets as useful as they could be by not allowing for CSV uploads of Option sets (probably tricky because the ‘attributes’ must work differently than data fields on a data type)

Reading the manual, the use of ‘App Text’ definitely is similar to my idea of an option set for language settings, but as you point out, poses the same exact issue, that we are unable to do a CSV upload and worst yet can’t see multiple columns to translate each text value for all languages at the same time. Instead you’d need to translate all text values for a single language, since only have one column at a time.

What @mangooly commented on of using a data type would be the easiest way to translate quickly through use of a CSV upload. Having an excel sheet with each text and separate data fields for each language would make it a breeze to pass the excel sheet to a translator who would translate each cell, and then you just upload that CSV.

I don’t know how much if at all that might slowdown the page load and app overall as I’d imagine you’d be doing multiple searches on a single page just to get the translated text loaded. Could be a major drag on performance.

I was thinking of setting up translation, and believe the ‘app text’ function might be the best way to do it, despite the drag of having to manually translate each value — might have to get a freelancer on Upwork for data entry to do it.

I think the best way to make it easier would be to allow a CSV upload for option sets, especially because the value and usefulness of CSV uploads for option sets would go way beyond just this use case.

One major flaw with the ‘app text’ is that when you define that app text you also need to set the primary language version of it as well. My initial thought was when I define the app text it would be the value used in the primary language of the application, but it is not, you have to go and add that value too…so one, define it, then two write it out in primary language, then 3 translate it.

Maybe best approach is to use option sets as you would only need to set the primary language text in one step as the option sets allow you to choose by displaying the options display.

Some good news from Bubble’s monthly update.

Import and export of translations.


I see! Can’t wait to translate my app with this!

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