App texts and dynamic texts


I know supports multiple languages by using the App Text feature. But can you combine multiple languages and dynamic text?

Basically, can I even do this:

English. Hello Current’s User First_Name, welcome
Spanish: Hola Current’s User First_Name, bienvenido

Is this the only way to get it to work?

App text 1: English: Hello; Spanish: Hola
App text 2: English welcome; Spanish: bienvenido

Text in Bubble: AppText 1 Current User’s First_Name AppText 2

Edit: And I’m doing stuff like find:replace like using “him” or “her” in reference to another user’s gender, that I’d have to do manually by using a conditional to change the find:replace to “el” or “ella” when current’s user language is Spanish.

Did I get this right?

Basically, in every text element you will need some condition in conditional tab to swipe between languages.

Something like “if user’s language is English than change text to xxx”

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