Apple Pay stopped showing up for Stripe Plugin by Bubble

I have been using Stripe Plugin by Bubble to collect payments on my app since September 2023 and Apple Pay showed up fine until October 2023.

Currently Apple Pay doesn’t show up on stripe checkout anymore on my Bubble app.

For context, I only use Stripe for single payments (non-recurring)

I reached out to Stripe customer support and I was told this

Upon checking, Apple Pay is temporarily disabled in two types of Checkout Sessions:

1) Sessions in setup mode, and
2) Sessions in payment mode that also use payment_intent_data[setup_future_usage].

This is due to guidelines from Apple where we shouldn't use one-time tokens for future payments.

To resolve this, you have to present customers with a payment sheet for every new subscription or non-subscription payment. Please refer here:



Has anyone else faced this? If so, does anyone have a fix? Thanks


My app has also lost access to Apple Pay and Google Pay in my app – they were there previously. Did you find the solution?

I’m also using the Stripe plugin by Bubble, set to v3 checkout. I have successfully verified my domain in Stripe. I can see Apple Pay and Google Pay in the Stripe tutorials.

What happened??

Have you figured it out why it happened and did you find any solution?

Bubble responded that there is a known issue, with Apple Pay and Google Pay no longer working.

Stripe support tells me:

Upon careful review, we found a similar case where the same issue was happening. It seems that you are using an API parameter setup_future_usage . This may be the cause of Apple and Google Pay not appearing as an option on your checkout page. As of now, Stripe does not support tokenized payment details from other companies and they do not allow Stripe to store the payment method for future use without the card owner’s consent.

I have forwarded this onto Bubble support, hopefully they can fix it

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Thanks for raising this issue to bubble support. Let us know when they respond. Really appreciate it. Thank you again!

I just got this disappointing message from Bubble:

After consulting with our engineering team, we are currently unable to provide a specific timeline for resolving this behavior with Apple Pay and the native Stripe plugin. Our engineering team has communicated with Stripe and identified that this behavior is related to a feature that was temporarily broken by Stripe. Several aspects of the plugin would need to be updated and tested, so a fix may not be deployed in the short term.

Our team has marked this investigation as a Known Issue that should be resolved by Stripe. In case Stripe doesn’t resolve this behavior, we will continue to investigate the underlying issue when more resources are available.

In the meantime, your users should still be able to use Apple Pay when purchasing a subscription and use any other payment method for one-time payments.