Do Google Pay and Apple Pay work with Bubble's Stripe Plugin?

I’ve spent two days trying to configure both of these payment methods but have been beset with challenges. I’ve read other posts on this forum saying that neither Google nor Apple Pay are available when Users get to the Stripe Checkout and there’s no ETA for a remedy for this.

Is this still the case? And is there a known workaround? It’s a big drawback for my app.

Yeah… it definitely doesn’t seem to work with the Bubble Stripe plugin (I don’t know why), but it works just fine using the API connector.

I just tested it… it took less than 5 minutes to set up from scratch, (including domain verification), and is working perfectly with Apple Pay on my iPhone.

(yet another reason, of many, not to use Bubble’s Stripe plugin, but use your own integration).

Many thanks for the confirmation Adam.

I’ve never used the API Connector before. I’m not very confident with these things so stuck to just the Bubble Stripe Plugin…my problem is that my app is slowly gaining traction in the real world using the Bubble Stripe Plugin. Would it be a huge shift to switch to the API Connector?

I’ll have a look at a few YouTubes to see how it all works. Don’t suppose you can recommend a good YT on the subject can you?