Application operation

I have an application with many hits.

When users access it, it shows a list of options.

The user makes a selection shows a repeating group displays 10 records, per page.

User selects 1 record from the list to view, is taken to the details page.

If he returns to the previous page of the repeating group, he loses the query made and has to perform the query again.

What is the best option?

Open the product details page in a Open a new tab. Opening a new page in the browser, so when the user closes the page they return to the repeater group page with the search that was carried out.

Dirceu M. Azevedo

Really depends on your UX ideas.

For me, I would have the product details open on the same page, but that is a more complicated approach.

You can also utilize URL parameters for the search filters, so that when the user navigates back to the search page via their browser back button, the URL parameters and therefore the search results would be the same. You can go further with use of URL parameters and make it so you can capture the last visible item in the RG so that you can allow the page when navigating back scroll directly to the same section of the RG they were on before navigating away.

Other alternatives are to use a floating group to show the selected product, so user never leaves the page, and have that floating group cover the main part of the page with a method to allow user to close it.

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